Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rasputina : Sister Kinderhook

Rasputina were one of those bands that got signed in the mid 90's, unfortunately, as a novelty act of sorts. 3 women with cellos in corsets seemed marketable at time I guess. All of Rasputina's albums are well written and well performed. This one was kind of so-so for my ears. It really doesn't have the intensity that some of the tracks on Frustration Plantation had. It's still an interesting listen merely for it's unique arrangements and delivery. Beside Melora Creager to me is a trooper of sorts. She's an out-of-time character doing something unique. And that, in this time period of music, is deserving of great respect regardless of the outcome. And yeah, I know there's that cello band Apocalyptica that came out around the same time. But who needs their debut to be an all cello Metallica cover album. Rasputina FTW!


  1. If you're at all interested, there is a Radio Lab short featuring Zoƫ Keating, called 'Quantum Cello' in which she demonstrates looping various sounds. Find it here, if you like:

  2. To be fair to Apocalyptica, they do write their own stuff now. And very good it is too. They're awesome live as well.

  3. Hey 4y, sorry if my comment offended you. Go to hell.