Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guns N' Roses : Chinese Democracy

I waited a real long time to pick up this "long awaited" studio album. Frankly... I should have just left it on the racks at Best Buy with the hundreds of other unsold copies. Yeah, some critics gave it glowing reviews... and that would have been fine if this album came out in 1989. But seriously, this bullshit is Avenged Sevenfold lite. For all the guest appearances by very talented artists... none of it shows. This was a 12 years in the making bloated mess of inane lyrics, over-dubs, vocal processing and junk. If you have to take up 4 pages of your lyric booklet listing all the people who worked on the album... then you automatically fall into the "too many cooks" genre. The album cover sucks too. But that's just me being petty. Axle needs to pack it in and just live on some nameless island with a soccer ball named "Wilson". This album was a Best Buy exclusive, safely stored away from society behind the blue walls of a giant retail watch guard. Much to the despair of all, it has since been unleashed and has made it's way to other outlets & many a used bin near you. One could argue that the album has a lot going on.... but if none of it's good... what's the point?


  1. Yeah, I really agree with you on this agree. A few songs are okay but I still wonder why I even bothered to purchase this at full price, especially since I'm not even that big of a GNR fan. Hell, the only other album that I have of theirs is the ever-popular "Appetite for Destruction." Must've been my morbid curiosity...

  2. I haven't really listened to this album aside from the song or two that they play on the radio. I just think Axle Rose has outlived his musical validity and his need to hold on to the band name "Guns N' Roses" bothers me because he's, if not the only, one of the only original members left at this point. It would be the equivalent of Robert Plant taking on a solo career and holding onto the band name Led Zeppelin. It just doesn't work.

  3. @Chris Latta yeah. I think the 12 year wait left the idea in every minds that... "if he worked on it for 12 years... it must be a masterpiece"... of crap.