Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4y-Records : The Left Rights Special

Very rarely will I work with anyone... like never actually, but since Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence & The Left Rights asked for a video...I was like... "Hey, this man does not suck. Let me hook a brotha up"... so he got hooked up with a music video....It's sort of a music video... at least the way I would do one in my wacky head. The Left Rights are a side project of Jimmy Urine & Steve Righ? of Mindless Self Indulgence. The tracks in the toon are from the upcoming album "Bad Choices Made Easy". If you don't know either of the bands mentioned, you should really check them out. M.S.I. are one of the few bands that makes me have a little hope for the music industry and The Left Rights are a unique and fun listen. So there ya go. ENJOY!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weezer : Hurley : 4y-Records Review (Cartoon)


It's the mini-audio-toon version of the Hurley Review. Joy! (I'll probably do a lot of the reviews already here as toons and new ones as well)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4y-Records : Reading is Difficult.

Since a lot of people are a bit lazy when it comes to reading, I'm going to try a few 4y video reviews. It'll be a simple image that will have an audio review track attached to it... so you'll be able to hear how pissed off an album makes me rather than just reading the 4y-blog. More info as it develops. Should have a review posted in a few days.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weezer : Hurley

I've had little patience for Rivers Cuomo since "Ratitude" witch is audible junk in my opinion. "Hurley" isn't really much better. Yeah, the songs are tighter, but the geeky lamenting of years gone by and simplistic rhymes that would make a 3rd grader seem like Robert Frost have grated on my last nerve. Weezer has come out with some classic tracks over the years that will be listened to for quite some time, but this album comes off like a compilation of B-sides from "Make Believe" & "The Red Album". I don't subscribe to Rivers being a brilliant song writer as most people like to tout. He's average at best at this point and each album is chipping away at that geek cred armored Snuggie he so comfortably wraps around himself. This is deffinetly not an "essential album" or a "return to form" or whatever. It's just a mediocre album Weezer fans will buy blindly. I need fans like that. Stick with Weezer's singles if you want to hear the best Weezer has to offer. Albums like this are strictly for fans in my opinion. Though Hurley on the cover is pretty cool... and I would have cut them more slack if the album actually had something to do with Lost. A whole concept album about Lost from Hurley's perspective. I'd buy that. This, I shouldn't have.

Bad Religion : Dissent of Man

30 years of Bad Religion and what does one get? Consistency for the most part. I mean, anyone familiar with Bad Religion knows they don't tend to deviate from their formula much. Which is a good thing. The songs are all standard Bad Religion tunes however the album does lack a "single" in my mind. "Won't Somebody" would be the memorable track here, but frankly the acoustic version off the deluxe version of New Maps of Hell far outshines the version here, giving it more gravity and urgency. So it is what it is. A tight punk album from a band good enough to still write songs that convey passion for politics, religion and the ongoing Dissent of Man.