Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad Religion : Dissent of Man

30 years of Bad Religion and what does one get? Consistency for the most part. I mean, anyone familiar with Bad Religion knows they don't tend to deviate from their formula much. Which is a good thing. The songs are all standard Bad Religion tunes however the album does lack a "single" in my mind. "Won't Somebody" would be the memorable track here, but frankly the acoustic version off the deluxe version of New Maps of Hell far outshines the version here, giving it more gravity and urgency. So it is what it is. A tight punk album from a band good enough to still write songs that convey passion for politics, religion and the ongoing Dissent of Man.

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  1. i agree that they are pretty much cosistant, except for "The New America" album which was more power pop than the others