Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Organic Food Music

I'm not a big patron of organic food stores, but on occasion I'll stop in when I'm in the mood for an apple not covered in wax & pesticides. Usually within these type of stores you'll find a small section of music limited to compilations of Women In Africa, Spiritual Celtic nonsense, Native American Music, James Taylor & anything that has a pan flute as the lead instrument.

How come no Ted Nugent? Yeah, fine. A lot of people make the assumption that organic food consumers are not into meat, poultry, or anything that had eyes before it ended up on their plate, but in all seriousness, the market for organic food is a lot broader than what the general public perceives.

So with this in mind, both the food & music in these shops should not be limited to what is the stereotypical concept of an organic food eater. Toss in some meat and Metallica... early Metallica, and let those who just want good, non processed food feel welcome in your stores. No matter how many times I walk into a place like this, both the customers and employees have a bad habit of looking down their nose at me just because I have a side of beef hanging out of my shopping cart. If i can deal with and accept your African feminist music and tofu cream cheese, you can deal with a little Slayer & meat. Live & let live. (insert random Sepultura riff here)


  1. Well, you gotta remember, were it not for places like these and Bores & Snobble, Putumayo Records would have NO PLACE to SELL the African Feminist music. I took my daughter to B&N book shopping, and was assaulted with some recent James Taylor/Carly Simon slab o' shite the WHOLE TIME! Really, past the sell-by date much? And THAT'S why I avoid such places; if they wanted my business, rather than Joe n' Jane Aging Boomer, they'd play something that might appeal. Feck 'em

  2. Better then places that play random country music,I swear if I hear country music playing at my dentist or doctor's office one more time I'm going to murder a kitten.

    Music just shouldn't be played at some places,I don't know why the owners of certain places feel the need to torture everyone that walks in their doors with the music they like.


  3. Well it could be worse. It could have been sitar music. *shivers* I live in Springfield Oregon just outside of Eugene, Eugene is where all the kids who are trying to be hippies, but don’t even know what the word means, live and hang out on street corners and go to organic stores, I went into one and the incense alone gagged me. Why would anyone want to buy food that smells of incense is beyond me. And as for the comment about not eating anything with eyes… then do you think eat potatoes? They have eyes, but then corn has ears, ill stop now before no one can eat anything and have to go on a liquid diet… oh wait! Then they be taking the water from the ocean, that’s bad too. Humm good way to rid the world of some of its people, thank the powers that be that I’m a carnivore!