Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Hives : Black & White Album

Yeah, this album has been around for a few years now, but damn it... it's still kicks ass! This is one of those rare "4y approved" albums for me. Except that one song "The H.I.V.E.S.". In all seriousness, they could have ripped that track out and replaced it with the import bonus track "Fall Is Just Something Grownups Invented" to round out an almost perfect album. As of this post, The Hives have not yet pissed me off with a shitty album. So kudos for not sucking.


  1. My daughter fell in love with "Fall Is Just Something That Grown Ups Invented" a few years back when Cartoon Network (I think) was using a video of the song as their "fall season" commercial. It's still on her iPod!! I need to delve more into these guys (uh...the band, I mean)

  2. @Spookywolffe Lol, yeah. Their early stuff is a lot more raw and chaotic but they tighten up on their second release. Probably because they had a producer.

  3. Kinda like the Hellacopters. R.I.P.

  4. Veni Vidi Vicious... Excellence

  5. I like the sound, but JM why so much anger?

    I mean not EVERY song in an album can be a winner...

    Give the sucky albums some credit(it's something they could look back on and think about) not every song on an album can be's hard enough making a song,but making EVERY song a good one (especially to evryone's standard of "good") a bit much to ask.

    Sometimes artist's take risk's or add in any inane sound just to meet record company standards.

    It's hard to please people...

  6. @Anonymous

    "Sometimes artist's take risk's or add in any inane sound just to meet record company standards."

    This is the exact thing that JM is ranting about. The artists shouldn't have to do this under ANY circumstances.