Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Adverts : One Chord Wonders (1977)

No, they weren't The Sex Pistols, but not every punk band during that time period should have to be compared to them. It's like comparing Green Day to The Ramones. Same genre, but a lot different. The Adverts recorded a few albums but slowly became forgotten over the years. Hiding in an admirable shadow cast by The Sex Pistols. They had some good songs and YouTube is littered with some old footage from television appearances and such. Research CAN be fun!


  1. One of my favorite bands. 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes' is one of the most singable punk rock songs I've heard (with the exception of anything by the Buzzcocks). Plus, I've always had a huge crush on Gaye Advert.

  2. Thanks for turning me on to this band and this song,though I like the live version better...

  3. My massive frustration is with people who truly believe that punk was created by the Sex Pistols, like they own the copyright and argue with you vehemently that they're the one true origin.

    The thing that pisses me off more is that I live in Australia and one of the first punk bands EVER, well and truly was The Saints, who formed in Brisbane back in '74. Admittedly they took two years to raise the cash to release their first single, Stranded [ ], but they were still around a year before the SP albeit on the other, apparently irrelevant to so-called punk aficionados, side of the globe.

    Still I think they're pretty damn wicked and deserve the mention when people decide to loftily recite the history of punk (As though they're Steve Coogan).