Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ani Difranco : Live at Bull Moose 4-17-2009

Ani Difranco has always been a songwriter who can get in your face. From personal exploration to political views she has her own opinions and is in no way shy of voicing them. Unfortunately, that irks a lot of people. Personally, it's what makes her the artist she is. So folks can just deal.

Ani Difranco Live at Bull Moose was recorded for radio in honor of Record Store Day. A short E.P. with a few songs and radio interviews. A release like this would kind of fall to the wayside for the lack of material but that shouldn't be the case. It's an intimate window allowing the listener to peer into a small moment where people came together to support the local record shop. For folks new to her material, it's still a good gateway record. The first song of the performance,Alla This is a perfect example of her perspective on life and the importance of keeping one's work their own. A song that can change the perspective of someone not familiar with the concept of being creatively independent. Well worth the admission price. Think it's like $7 or so.

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