Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pagan Babies : Demo Tape 1986

Not many people know that prior to the whole Kurt Cobain / Hole thing, Courtney Love was in a band called  Pagan Babies. (She was also in Faith No More for 5 seconds or so. Scary thought, no?)  Anyway, for those into digging up the past looking for rusty demos of years gone by, this is actually an interesting find. Hole's "Best Sunday Dress" is on this one in all it's lo-fi infancy. Kinda haunting in a way especially taking into consideration this was '86, 5 years prior to the whole "grunge" thing exploding. (Currently a B-side to the Celebrity Skin single & a Japanese Bonus track on the album import.) Another noteworthy member of this band was Kat Bjelland from Babes In Toyland. The demo for Babe's "Quiet Room" was on this cassette as well. Cassette! Who would have thought I'd review a freakin' cassette. WHAT YEAR IS THIS!?! Anyway, antiquated formats aside there seems to be a digital copy of sorts floating around here : RIGHT HERE!!!
(Don't say I never share any on my hidden treasures)

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