Saturday, July 3, 2010

Evelyn Evelyn : Self Titled

I've always been a big fan of Amanda Palmer's work, be it The Dresden Dolls or her solo efforts. So naturally I picked up Evelyn Evelyn  when it came out. Finally freeing up the time to listen to this album, it's pretty unique. It's a concept album of sorts detailing the life of conjoined twins. Some parts are too narrative to be considered songs, but are essential in setting the mood for this tale of freak sisters. One can really get absorbed into the story as if you were listening to an Old Time Radio show. Characters enter and leave the stage, all contributing to the spinning yarn of these unfortunate sisters. Though the second to last track, 'My Space' seems a bit bloated for the album's minimalistic atmosphere, the cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" more than makes up for it. 

For folks who can't make it to a theater to enjoy the art. This comes pretty close. Of course if you hate the theater and stories told through music. Just skip this all together.

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  1. And if you like the music and the theater, hopefully you made it to the Evelyn Twins tour. The show I caught in Philadelphia was nothing short of fantastic, turning tragedy into humor in the most humble and humane way. Videos of select part of various performances are on youtube, definitely worth a look.