Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music Tags : Why Are People Stupid?

Ok, every so often when I put CD into my drive to convert it for digital playback, I get a retarded set of information. For example, why do people tag every track on an album "Album Version"? I know it's the fucking album version because I'm ripping the whole album! If it's a "Single" version, fine. Put "Single" next to the track title. "Live Version" is also acceptable. (Remix), I'd like to know about... but there is no reason to put "Album Version" after every track title on an album. It's redundant stupidity. Any track that does not have the phrase, "Single", "Live", "Remix" or any other descriptive variant should automatically be left alone and assumed by all that it is the proper album release version. Period. I should not have to go through tracks individually and remove the phrase "Album Version" from every title. If you submit information to the CDDB like this, you're a jackass.


  1. Same goes for "Remastered"...

  2. and radio edit.

  3. I cant decide about "remastered"....on one hand it'd be nice to know on the other hand does it really matter?