Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Horrors : Strange House

On first listen I wasn't quite sure what to think of The Horrors' : Strange House. They seemed too weird for a time period who's peers mostly consisted of cookie-cutter Emos bands. Manufactured and spat out like discs in a factory. So one can approach this band with cautious skepticism considering the musical climate.What I like about this album, is that it sounds fuckin' broken. It's a chaotic mess of noise and screeching vocals that seem to barely hold together. Very reminiscent of that weird unknown band you'd hear playing in a village record shop. You wouldn't ask the clerk who it was because you weren't sure if you liked it. So you'd continue listening while flipping through the bins, stopping every so often to furrow your brow in confusion at the audio being battered about the room. (Wasted reference if you've never been in a record shop. Shame on you!)

That's were this album is for me. It's a background curiosity you'd hear in a record filled room covered in posters and music memorabilia. It's value really lies in it's broken sound and sonic oddities. It's fresh if you're not familiar with the past and is an excellent gateway record for people who were brought up on the bland music that has been pushed on the masses for the last ten years.

"Count In Fives", "Jack the Ripper", & "Draw Japan" are probably the choice cuts off this album, but if those catch your attention, so will the rest of the record. I kinda gave up on trying to figure out if the band's sound was a calculated decision or not. It is what it is, and it doesn't offend me. So there ya go.

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