Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wolf Parade : Expo 86

I started listen to Wolf Parade with "Apologies To The Queen" in 2005. I liked their quirky potential and their approach to making music but I was kinda underwhelmed with Expo 86. The first track, and single, "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain" is an excellent song. It's catchy, disjointed, and spirited, but the rest  of the album feels like a neo-Talking Heads tossed in with Modest Mouse. Not sure if that's good, but there ya go. Props to Wolf Parade for recording all the music direct to tape rather than Pro-Tooling the hell out of it. That deserves some sort of appreciation in this age of music production where loops reign supreme. I do think this album needs a few listens to really be absorbed properly, so I'm not going to pass judgment quite yet. For what it is, it's a nice change of pace for those who are use to over processed music production... though if you're listening to a 128bit rate MP3... you're probably not too worried about production. There's an organic feel here that the attentive listener will appreciate. Everyone else... just listen to the samples and make up your own mind.

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