Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4y-Records : Blog Status

Just a quick note on the whole 4y-Records Blog. Obviously I haven't been posting a lot, but hey, I'm working on 3 animated series at the same time and a comic strip. So I can only post so much. When I can free up some time to listen to or watch some stuff, I'll continue bitching about it.


  1. disturbed asylum just came out and its ok didnt listen to all of it check it out

  2. I'm cool with you not updating the blog I'll settle for another 4y records episode.

    Thank god somebody is kicking ass for indie stores.

  3. I find 4y record episodes especially funny...probably since I work at a record store...but still I love em' and look forward to watching more.

    -all bow to the lord and master...emmm Foamy